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absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD is a command line Win32 application that lets you send rich text email with attachments directly from a command line prompt, or in batch from legacy applications that don't support yet ActiveX COM automation.

absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD is self sufficient: no need for other expensive tools !

Just create an HTML page with local images, CSS and scripts and launch the application to send the email to all of your intended recipients.

The trial version downloaded from the website http://www.abspdf.com is fully functional with a limit of 60-days of free evaluation and a text added to subject and body of the email. To remove the "Evaluation" text and use the control beyond the 60-days trial period just register the application by providing a valid license code.

To obtain a license code please visit http://www.abspdf.com.

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Using absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD to send rich text emails with any number of attachments is really easy.

Before starting, create an HTML page with all the graphics and images you which to put in the email. If you want to embed the images in the email (so that the recipient doesn't need to be connected to the internet to retrieve remote images) just save them to a local path on your hard disk. If you prefer to keep images on a public webserver (e.g. to save space in the email or for statistics purposes) just put remote references to all files (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com(images/img1.png). The application will gather automatically all local files (images, css and scripts) and embed them in the email.
From version 1.0.3 you can also save the email to a .eml file instead of sending it, usig -D parameter.

Fill in all the desired parameters in the command line or create a parameters file and reference it using the -P switch.
Beware: all switches are case sensitive.

Command line

    AbsTools_SendMail_CMD.exe <switches>


-U user User (to unlock the application)

-C company Company (to unlock the application)

-K key Activation key (to unlock the application)

[mandatory together to unlock the application]

-f sender_addr Sender address

-r recipient_list Comma separated recipient list

-O smtp_server Outgoing (SMTP) server (depends on your provider)

-u smtp_user SMTP AUTH user (depends on your provider, optional)

-p smtp_password SMTP AUTH password (depends on your provider, optional)

-D demo_file saves the email to a .eml file instead of sending it (if you use this parameter smtp server will be ignored)

[mandatory together to send an email]

-s subject Email subject

-C cc_list Comma separated cc recipient list

-B bcc_list Comma separated bcc recipient list

-R address Reply-to address

-t txt_message Text version of message body

-h html_message HTML version of message body

-T txt_ext_mess Pathname of external file for text message body

-H html_ext_mess Pathname of external file for HTML message body

-A attachment_lst Comma separated list of attachment file pathnames

-F n_cols Reformat text message body to n_cols columns

Silent (no output to stdout, save for errors)

-P params_file External parameters file

[optional, output configuration]


to see this help and the Serial
AbsTools_SendMail_CMD.exe -U "John Doe" -C "MyCompany" -K "123456"
to register the app with the key supplied by absolutePDF (one key per installation)
AbsTools_SendMail_CMD.exe -O smtp.yourprovider -f user@youprovider -t info@abspdf.com -s "Test message" -t "Test message body." -h "<h1>Test message body.</h1>"
sends an email with the supplied from, to, subject and message using the specified smtp server

Parameters file

The optional parameters file is an external text file that specifies one or more parameters. If one parameter is also defined on the command line takes precedence over the setting in the parameters file.
The following example lists all the parameters available in a parameters file. It's up to the user to specify one or more parameters. Parameters may appear in any order in the file. Blank lines and lines starting with "#" are ignored.

Example: file "params.txt"

# comment line, ignored
to = dest1@domain1,dest2@domain2,dest3@domain3
subject = A new test message
text_body = Text body
html_body = <h1>Message body in HTML</h1>
text_file = c:\message.txt
html_file = c:\message.html
cc = erik@domain,kate@anotherdomain
bcc = joe@domain,jane@anotherdomain
reply_to = info@abspdf.com
smtp_server = smtp.yourprovider
smtp_user = joe
smtp_password = joe_password
attachments_list = test.zip,c:\file.xls
demo_file = test.eml
reformat = 72

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How to register

The trial version of absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD is fully functional with a limit of 60-days of free evaluation and a text added to subject and body of the email. To remove trial restrictions you need to obtain an activation key from absolutePDF by visiting the website http://www.abspdf.com.

To obtain the activation key you'll need to quote your information (User, Company) and a serial number provided by the program. The serial number is unique to the computer: to activate a copy of absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD you'll need to run it on that specific computer to obtain the correct serial number.
A valid license and related activation key is needed for each computer on which you'll run absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD.

To obtain the serial number for a computer just run AbsTools_SendMail_CMD.exe without parameters, and you'll obtain the serial, along with usage instructions.


by absolutePDF (http://www.abspdf.com)

Serial: 3769193690

Go to the website and fill in the form for the purchase of a license, and in very short time you'll obtain the activation key for that computer.

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absoluteTools - Sendmail CMD is a Copyright 2004-2005 the absolutePDF Team

All rights reserved.

The software is given "as is". No responsibility shall be assumed by the authors for loss or damage, whether real or consequential, arising from its use. By using the software you explicitly agree to hold the authors blameless for any such losses or damages.

Please visit http://www.abspdf.com for more information.

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