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absolutePDF - Spool CMD is a command line Win32 application that enables your legacy applications to create PDF printouts, with graphics and images.

absolutePDF - Spool CMD is self sufficient: no need for other expensive tools !

Just create a PDF background (using your favourite tool, like MS Office or OpenOffice.org and Ghostscript), extract a copy of the spool files as a ASCII file and create your PDF invoices and documents in minutes ! See the spool and background file in the "Samples" folder under the installation directory.

The trial version downloaded from the website http://www.abspdf.com is fully functional without any time limitation, it just adds a text to every page of created PDF files. To remove the "Evaluation" text just register the object by providing a valid license code.
To obtain a license code please visit http://www.abspdf.com.

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Using absolutePDF - Spool CMD to convert a character based spool file to a PDF file with background graphics and layout is really easy. To test the features of the application use the background PDF and spool file in "Samples" directory.

Before starting, create a background PDF file with your favourite tools. One easy way to do that is the following: to create the page using OpenOffice.org Writer (or any other word processor), print it to file using a Postscript driver like "Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS" and then convert it to PDF using Ghostscript. We recommend to reduce the number and size of bitmaps to the minium: excellent results can be achieved drawing shapes using the built in capabilities of the word processor keeping the file size lower than 40 KB.
It's also possible to export from OpenOffice directly to PDF, but we don't recommend it for production purposes since at the moment the size of the output files can be double the size of a file created using Ghostscript. OpenOffice export to PDF feature can be used for testing purposes during the initial tuning phase.

Fill in all the desired parameters in the command line or create a parameters file and reference it using the -P switch.

Command line

    AbsPDF_Spool_CMD.exe <switches>


-u user User (to unlock the application)

-c company Company (to unlock the application)

-k key Activation key (to unlock the application)

[mandatory together to unlock the application]

-s spool_file Spool file (can be a wildcard, eg *.txt)

-b backgr_file Background file (a PDF file, if not specified the background is uniform white)

-o output_file Output file (a PDF file)

[mandatory together to create a PDF file]

-p n_lines N. of lines per page, if omitted pages are assumed to be LF separated

-f font_size Font size in cm (default 0.25)

-n font_name Font name (courier|helvetica|times)

-B Bold (if the option is present, no value required)

-I Italics (if the option is present, no value required)

-i ignore_list
Comma separated list of characters to be ignored in spool (every char must be specified by its ASCII decimal code, eg "96,139")

-l leading Leading (space between lines) in cm (default 0.38)

-L left_margin Left margin in cm (default 0.6)

-T top_margin Top margin in cm (default 1.0)

-C char_spacing Additional space between characters in cm (default 0)

-F page_format Page format (def. A4, allowed values: 4A|2A|A0|A1|A2|A3|A4| A5|A6|4B|2B|B0|B1|B2|B3|
  -O orientation Page orientation, can be either PORTRAIT (default) or LANDSCAPE
  -S Silent (no output to stdout, save for errors)

-P params_file External parameters file

-? Extensive help

[optional, output configuration]


to see this help and the Serial
AbsPDF_Spool_CMD.exe -u "John Doe" -c "MyCompany" -k "123456"
to register the app with the key supplied by absolutePDF (one key per installation)
AbsPDF_Spool_CMD.exe -s spool.txt -b background.pdf -o output.pdf -B -l 1
creates the file output.pdf from the spool file spool.txt over background file background.pdf, font bold and distance between lines 1 cm (all other values default)

Parameters file

The optional parameters file is an external text file that specifies one or more parameters. If one parameter is also defined on the command line takes precedence over the setting in the parameters file.
The following example lists all the parameters available in a parameters file. It's up to the user to specify one or more parameters. Parameters may appear in any order in the file. Blank lines and lines starting with "#" are ignored.

Example: file "params.txt"

# comment line, ignored
background_file = bkgr.pdf
output_file = out.pdf
page_length = 68
font_size = 0.3
font_name = times
text_leading = 0.5
left_margin = 2
top_margin = 4
ignore_list = 27, 29
char_spacing = 0.02

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How to register

The trial version of absolutePDF - Spool CMD is fully functional without any time limitation. It just adds an "Evaluation" text to every page of the output PDF files. To remove it you need to obtain an activation key from absolutePDF by visiting the website http://www.abspdf.com.

To obtain the activation key you'll need to quote your information (User, Company) and a serial number provided by the program. The serial number is unique to the computer: to activate a copy of absolutePDF - Spool you'll need to run it on that specific computer to obtain the correct serial number.
A valid license and related activation key is needed for each computer on which you'll run absolutePDF - Spool.

To obtain the serial number for a computer just run absPDF_Spool_CMD.exe without parameters, and you'll obtain the serial, along with usage instructions.


by absolutePDF (http://www.abspdf.com)

Serial: 3769193690

Go to the website and fill in the form for the purchase of a license, and in very short time you'll obtain the activation key for that computer.

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absolutePDF - Spool CMD is a Copyright 2004-2006 the absolutePDF Team

All rights reserved.

The software is given "as is". No responsibility shall be assumed by the authors for loss or damage, whether real or consequential, arising from its use. By using the software you explicitly agree to hold the authors blameless for any such losses or damages.

Please visit http://www.abspdf.com for more information.

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