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Simple demo (VB)

This simple application shows how to send an email using the contol, with plain and html text and attachments.

1. simple VB demo.zip [3 KB]
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Inline images (VB)

The sample application shows how to embed inline images in emails sent with the control.

2. inline images VB demo.zip [27 KB]
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Auto inline images (VB)

This sample shows how to automatically embed images into an email using the unique auto-harvest feature of the control.

3. auto inline images VB demo.zip [27 KB]
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Auto script and CSS embed (VB)

This example shows how to automatically embed CSS and script in an email using the auto-harvesting feature of the control.

4. auto script and css embed VB demo.zip [27 KB]
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External HTML message (VB)

This example shows how to create an email using an external HTML page (composed with your favourite HTML composer). Extremely easy and powerful.

5. external html message VB demo.zip [28 KB]
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Simple demo (MS VC++)

The example project in this directory is given to show the use of the control with MS VC++. You need MS VC++ 6.0 to open the project.

To regenerate the correct header file for the interface of the control use OleView (from the tools folder of MS Visual Studio). When compiling the idl with MIDL, if you get the collowing error error MIDL2113 : string constant exceeds limit of 255 characters just edit the IDL file and shorten the method description at the line that caused the error to avoid the error.

The main caveat is that the control has only a IDispatch interface. This is really useful to use the control with late binding mechanism with VB or other scripting languages, but makes it a bit more difficult to use the control from VC++. You need to find the id of the method to call it using the Invoke method.

Anothe caveat: in the IDL file you'll need to substitute the dash ("-") with underscore ("_") in the name because otherwise MIDL will complain.

6. vc++ usage demo.zip [14 KB]
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Simple demo (VB.NET)

This simple demo shows how to use the .NET version of the control (included at no additional cost with the ActiveX COM control)  using VB.NET.

7. simple demo VB.NET.zip [6 KB]
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